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Glassagh Consulting ideas to drive your business forward

Twitter can help your business if you let it.

Every month 328 million active users are chatting, connecting and sharing opinions on Twitter.


Twitter active users send over 400 million tweets per day, but does it work for business and what exactly is an active user.


Well let me answers both questions for you.


Firstly, Twitter has identified an active user as an account who follow at least 30 other accounts, and have one-third of the people they follow engaging back with them. This means they are an active participant on social media.


They are real consumers seeking advice, solutions and willing to engage with the businesses that can provide them with products and propositions that meet their needs.


Active users are also promoting the positives and negatives of their interactions with brands providing both opportunities and threats for any business involved in social media.


Let’s now look at the second point. Is Twitter any use for a small business?


My view is yes, because I believe no small business that wants to thrive in the future can choose to ignore social media and Twitter in particular?


The most fundamental reason for this is, because if a business is not involved in the digital lives of their existing clients and potential customers are they really involved at all in their lives and are they relevant to these people? I’d argue they are not and in danger of losing business to those that are using social media effectively.


I’d like to show you 7 reasons why every business who wants to be here for the long-term needs to consider Twitter as part of their social media activity:


1. Twitter builds stronger relationships with your clients


The very nature of Twitter allows you to build a more interactive and authentic relationship not only with your existing clients but with potential customers. Relationships are the bedrock of a small business client proposition and Twitter is a free tool that can help promote your experience, empathy and expertise.


Twitter is the ideal platform for your business and key individuals within it to position themselves as experts in your business field. It’s also a chance to showcase the work you have done for other clients and promote the skills you have within your organisation.


2. Twitter makes your website more efficient


As you build your Twitter following and if you use it correctly by providing content people want to read and find interesting, they will want to know more about you and your business. Your account should include a link back to your website where clients and future customers can visit your website where you can showcase your proposition and business in more depth.


Twitter like all social media can and should increase traffic to your website. If your business just has a website alone then this means you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to promote yourself.


  3. Twitter can turn cold prospects into warm leads


47% of Twitter users say they are more likely to visit the website of a business if they see content that interests them. If your Twitter page provides a compelling reason to visit your website then when they visit it they are more likely to take on board the key messages you have.


One tip, please ensure the landing page that you link to is formatted to collect the name and contact details of any visitors. This allows you to build a contact list for offers and marketing.


One way to ensure that you have an attractive reason for a visitor to supply their contact details is to offer a free download and a special offer draw usually works well.


4. Twitter can go Viral, Viral, Viral


Social media success is about spreading your message and Twitter had the ability to send your thoughts, offers and business viral if done correctly. A good communication on Twitter can help spread your business to hundreds even thousands of new potential customers.


5. Twitter allows you to hear back from your customers


As we have seen once you begin a twitter connection with your clients the information exchange should evolve to become 2 way. This allows you to obtain the feedback you want on how they value you. What they want from you and what they would like you to improve. Twitter is not just about promotion it is also about listening and this can help your business in the future.


6. Twitter builds your brand


Twitter is not just for the big organisations. Any business can build a presence on Twitter with relevant and engaging posts that promotes their proposition. Your brand is your promise to your clients and future customers. Social media is just one element of how you communicate this but a medium which is growing in influence and impact and remember it’s free.


7. Twitter supports your existing marketing


Social media and Twitter are just marketing tactics and like any other element of your marketing activity they have to be part of an overall plan. If you’re clear about your objectives right from the start then you can set social media goals that can drive your business forward. But remember no plan just means chaos and overtime your social media impact will not be as impactful as you want.


I’d urge you all to consider where Twitter can help in your marketing mix. It does work and many companies have already used it successfully. The key is to ensure that whatever twitter strategy you use that you have a human voice behind it, communicating the brand message and networking with customers, business associates and industry colleagues.

After the secret to success on social media is in the name Social.


Never forget you are talking to people and never neglect the human element of engaging on Twitter.


Next week I will look at how you can get started on Twitter.


John Joe McGinley Glassagh Consulting March 2018


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