Glassagh Consulting ideas to drive your business forward
Glassagh Consulting ideas to drive your business forward

Ideas and insights to take your business forward

Glassagh Consulting offers the following services to help grow and evolve your business:

Your business vision

Business vision is not some motivational poster on a wall or fluffy business speak. It's where you want to take your business. It's your goals and dreams. However, dreams without a written plan will remain unfulfilled and the secret is to establish a written business vision to drive your business forward.


We can help you establish your goals and business vision simply and powerfully with effective tools and templates to capture your thoughts. So why not make those day dreams a reality now and get in touch.

Your business action plan

We all have an idea of what we want to achieve, then life happens and we end up doing what we have always done or fire fighting.


A written action plan, that looks at the future and how we can adapt for it is essential for every business. We can help you at every stage of the action planning process to ensure you have a living breathing plan that allows you to prepare for a proftable future.


So if your plans lie in a drawer, or you don't even have one, then let us help you with action planning, not boring planning.

Using Social media

Do you feel your social media is working for you or do you feel you are putting in a lot of effort without much return?


This is a problem for many businesses and the root cause is usually because they don’t have a social media plan to help them understand and harness the power of social media for their business?


So it is vital to be prepared and have a plan, regardless of what social media you currently use or intend to adopt in the future.


No matter how positive or negative you feel towards social media, it would be a sensible exercise for every business regardless of size, or how active or inactive in social media you currently are to consider what social media means for your business.


We can help get you started and to develop your business on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Additional Services


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Process Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Client Retention
  • Developing Strategic Alliances

Ideas to evolve your business

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